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Nanette Fynan - Scottish, Irish and Cape Breton fiddle

Attended: St. Louis Conservatory and School for the Arts

Violin Studies: Melvin Ritter, Concertmaster of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra

Graduated: University of Missouri, St. Louis

Performance Experience: Florissant Valley Symphony Orchestra, Slavic Performance Group at Southern Illinois University, Fiddle Fancier, Frank Ferrel and the Ferrel Kittens, Plaid Menagerie
Suzuki Qualifications: Certified through Book II​

Fiddle Qualifications: Attended Gaelic College, Cape Breton; PEI Fiddle Camp; Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp; Friday Harbor Irish Music Camp and Mastery of Scottish Arts. I was blessed to able to attended classes instructed by: Mairi Rankin, Ewen Hendersen, Frank Ferrel, Randal Bays, Andrea Beaton, Caoimhin O Ralghallaigh, Pascal Miousse, Ed Pearlman, Seamus Connelly, Ward MacDonald, Stan Chapman, Sandy MacIntyre, Leanne Aucoin and many more whom I love and I wish I could list, but I'm running out of room.​

Grant Writing: Wrote a grant for dance fiddle workshop in 2010 to bring Frank Ferrel to teach her students. Frank Ferrel's recording Yankee Dreams was put on the Library of Congress list of 25  Representative Recordings of American Folk Music.
Workshop Organizer: Workshop for young Suzuki students in fiddling in 2009, with Dana Phillips; workshop for dance musicians with Frank Ferrel in 2010.
Professional Education and Experience
Nanette has been playing the violin for 47 years, teaching for 32 years. She has attended workshops for fiddle music and is certified through the Suzuki Association of the Americas to teach through Book II. She studied for 4 years with Melvin Ritter, concert master of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. She studied music theory, history and literature, solfege, as well as violin pedagogy. Her professional activities have included performing wtih the Balkan performance group SLAVA. Currently she performs as lead fiddler for Fiddle Fancier, and Plaid Menagerie. Her orchestral experience was with the Florissant Valley Symphony Orchestra.  Testimonials are available from my hard-working and talented students. Their professional success can be experienced at various venues throughout Sonoma County.
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