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The Musicians' Dress

Most of the weddings we play are formal affairs with the bride wearing a bridal gown and the groom a tuxedo or morning coat, while some are more informal with the wedding party and guests dressed more casually. When booking a wedding, I always ask how the wedding party is going to be dressed. This, in addition to the genre of music to be played, helps me determine which of several outfits I should wear. For example, if the the wedding party is formally dressed, and I am hired to play the Scottish Highland bagpipe, then I wear formal Scottish attire. If the bride and groom are wearing informal but dressy attire (ie., suits, or coat and tie), I usually wear my informal Scottish outfit unless requested otherwise. Sometimes the wedding is totally casual (and often in a natural outdoor setting such as the beach or woods). On such occasions (especially during hot weather), a simple muslin 'peasant-style' shirt, or a short sleeve dress shirt along with kilt and daywear accessories suffices. 

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