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Peter Tracy – Guitars, Dobro, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals.

Peter Tracy picked up an acoustic guitar at age 11 and learned from the radio how to play.  In high school Peter played rock and roll for weddings, parties, and back yard.  After high school Peter was drafted and sent off to Vietnam with acoustic guitar in hand. After his return he was left struggling with ptsd and had lost the desire to play music for others, though he did keep playing for himself. It was at the Marin Folk Club in the mid-eighties where he began singing and harmonizing, that the spark came back. There he found others who loved harmony as much as he did. One of the members invited Peter and other harmony-loving members to form a band that became the Splinter Group.

In 2004 Peter joined Veterans for Peace. shortly thereafter, he took a bus ride along with other vets across the us to Washington, DC. On that trip, he started writing songs for the first time. The vets loved his songs with their antiwar messages and other socio/political themes peppered with biting humor. With their encouragement he kept making them up for the liberal media events along the way.

Peter plays with two other acoustic trios:  Hopheads (with Kim Richards and Jim Tepperman), and The Underdogs (with Noah Hammond and Tom Cline). He still performs his original songs at Veterans for Peace events. Peter also collaborated with his dear friend, the late singer-songwriter David Woeller. The Splinter Group includes Peter’s originals in our repertoire, and on our recordings. Peter’s own albums can also be found on cd baby, and spotify.

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