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The fee charged for a performance at your wedding will depend on a number of factors, such as:

  • Number and type of instruments needed.​

  • Our having to travel some distance, or at certain (increased traffic) hours to perform at your function. In such cases, a trip fee is assessed in relation to the travel time involved, and will be included in the total amount quoted. Parking fees and/or other travel expenses such as bridge tolls will also be included.

  • The total amount of time 'on-site' or 'on-call'. For example, when requested to play at the ceremony and reception, I may be needed for several hours. I have a one-hour minimum charge for bagpipe only for the first hour (this covers many shorter ceremony-only performances), and a two-hour minimum charge for the band. But please note that the second and subsequent hours are charged at a much reduced rate. :-)

  • Performances on some major holidays and holiday weekends may be charged at a higher rate.

  • Rehearsal time for special requests

  • Period costume requests

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